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Generac Generator Enclosures

Since generators are often located in less then ideal situations, and environments, the proper enclosure is key to the reliability of your system. We offers a complete line of Generac generator enclosures for weather protection and sound attenuation all with a nice clean appearance and a completely enclosed exhaust system. Generac’s industry leading design meets UL 2200 standards.

We also provide a variety of custom enclosures for new and existing generators (We use several companies, Pritchard Brow, Global, Tramont, ComFab, and more).

Some of the many features of Generac’s enclosure design include:

  • Ability to withstand hurricane wind ratings of 130 mph
  • Corrosion resistance is manufactured in everywhere from the JS500 plated steel fasteners to the stainless steel door hinges, latches, and striker lates
  • Easy access to the generator with a full 180° door swing and slip pin door hinges for easy door removal
  • Keyed door latches for equipment security
  • Rodent proof enclosure design for reliable equipment operation
  • Air duct designed with water drain holes
  • Sound attenuated enclosures have adhesive backed acoustic foam panels for maximum sound absorption and resistance to oil and water

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