Mobile Fuel Cleaning Systems for Diesel Powered Generators

High quality diesel fuel is an important part of every maintenance program. Sludge can accumulate in the bottom of your tank and dead microbial growth can add to the layer of sludge. Once this sludge reaches the fuel pickup, it will stop the operation of your generator. When this happens, correcting the problem can cost you thousands of dollars.

The Algae-X Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems (MTC) are designed to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel fuel before it becomes a costly problem. The MTC is a three-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning and transfer system; it efficiently removes sludge and water from stored fuel and oil. MTC’s are compact, heavy-duty, multi-stage industrial systems – for long-term reliable service. They clean tanks and restore fuel to its “Clear & Bright” pristine condition without entering the tank.

  • Compact industrial design
  • Multi-stage tank cleaning
  • Fuel restoration with minimal waste
  • & negligible fuel loss
  • Low operating cost
  • No tank-entry needed

Three-stage mobile fuel conditioning and tank cleaning

Stage 1: The separator/coalescer removes water, large particulate and tank sludge, and drains them from the system through the supplied valve.
Stage 2: The patented Algae-X fuel conditioner reconditions and stabilizes the fuel reversing the deterioration process and tank sludge.
Stage 3: This stage removes dispersed and emulsified water, and filters very fine solids down to 3 microns using industrial waterblock fine filters.

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