Generac Modular Power Systems

Generac’s MPS is an integrated approach to generator paralleling, and is cost competitive with large single gensets and traditional paralleling systems. Advantages are redundancy, flexibility and scalability in a modular type paralleling system.

  • Sizes up to 9000 kW
  • Superior Reliability – Each genset backs up the others in the system, so critical loads get redundant protection. Built-in redundancy also allows individual units to be taken off-line for routine maintenance while retaining coverage for critical circuits.Scalability – With MPS or the Gemini® Twin Pack, Generac customers can purchase the system they need today, and can add units quickly and easily as they are needed. There’s no need to replace the system if future power requirements exceed projections and no need to over-spend on a larger system that might never be fully utilized.
  • Flexibility – MPS gensets are small enough to fit into spaces that can’t accommodate large units, and they are light enough for rooftop applications. Since MPS modules don’t have to be physically located together, you can better utilize available space. In addition, the space required for switchgear and large external panel boards is eliminated.
  • Serviceability – By using consistently reliable, high volume engines, MPS units are easy to service by qualified engine technicians. Maintenance items and replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

For a simulation of how Modular Power Systems work and can be configured, click here.


For detailed information about MPS components, click here.


Available, Fast Delivery

MPS generators use readily available high volume engines. Larger engines used in generators that produce more than 600 kW are often built as needed and in far fewer numbers. This makes them more costly to manufacture and can extend delivery time by weeks or months. Because MPS systems are designed, manufactured and warranted by Generac, customers can typically take delivery months faster than with competitive systems.

Closed Recovery Cooling System

This closed, pressurized system virtually eliminates the introduction of air into the cooling system. Rust and fluid acidity are minimized, resulting in longer engine life.

Isochronous Governor

Constant speed control provides faster response to block loads and a more consistent output frequency. All generators utilizing PowerManager® G-Series control systems feature an isochronous governor.

Vibration Isolation

Standard vibration isolators virtually eliminate transmission of vibration from the unit to the mounting surface.

Automatic Alarms & Shutdowns

Generator functions are constantly monitored through a protective system that features solid state circuitry for reliability and long life. NFPA 110 required warnings and alarms provide alerts for a variety of safety and operational concerns. The system automatically shuts down in response to certain critical conditions such as high engine temperature, low coolant level, etc. All generators utilizing PowerManager® control systems meet NFPA 110 requirements for warnings, alarms and alerts.

Advanced Wire Harness Design with Waterproof Connectors

Our wire harness design assures reliable, repeatable interconnection between circuit components. Special sealed connectors protect against moisture, dust and environmental damage.

Generac Manufactured Alternators

Our revolving field alternators are fully-insulated and self-ventilating. They feature higher temperature Class H insulation, but are designed to operate at lower, Class F temperature levels for longer life. Oversized alternators are available on many models for additional motor starting capacity.

Solid-State Sensing and Starting Control

Provides the ultimate in engine protection. The magnetic pickup senses overspeed, automatically shuts down the engine, disconnects the starter motor and prevents re-engagement. The system also provides cyclic cranking for improved starting reliability and cranking termination for starter motor protection.

Solid-State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation (V/F)

Provides fast, optimized response to changing load conditions. Maximum motor starting capability is assured by electronically torque-matching the surge loads to the engine.

Permanent Magnet Excitation (PME)

Provides sustained short circuit current for breaker coordination. Increases motor starting capabilities and enhances performance when load-induced harmonics are present. Standard on 150 kW (except MQT models) and larger. Optional on smaller gensets.

Easy To Service

All service points are located at the perimeter of the frame for easy access.

Superior Paint

Our textured, powder coat paint process provides consistent coverage and better bonding to seams and exposed edges providing durability and a long-lasting, tough finish.


All Generac standby generators are UL 2200 listed and our transfer switches are UL 1008 listed. UL listing verifies the kilowatt ratings of our generators and is your assurance that Generac standby systems meet the highest safety standards.

Made in USA

Generac generators are made in the United States by Generac Power Systems Inc. We design and manufacture all of the major components including the alternators, controls and enclosures. This unprecedented degree of control ensures that Generac products are built to the highest standards for quality, reliability and durability.

Model Engine
MD300 10.3DTA FPT
MD350 12.9DTA FPT
MD400 12.5DTA Perkins
MD500 15.2DTA Perkins
MD600 18.1DTA Perkins
Model Engine
MG100 6.8L
MG130 6.8L
MG150 6.8L
MG150 12.9L
MG200 12.9L
MG250 12.9L
MG300 12.9GTA

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