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Automated Fuel Cleaning for Standby Generators

Why do you need automated fuel cleaning for your standby generators? In emergency power generation applications, a gen-set must be ready to run during very critical times. The engines used in these units often sit without operation for long periods of time until they are needed to perform. To ensure these engines and generator sets operate at optimum efficiency, Algae-X International (AXI) has developed the STS-6000 Automated Fuel Filtration System. The system is designed to run automatically at pre-determined times to clean and filter water, sludge and tank sediment from fuel storage tanks.

Water build up in fuel is natural, as storage tanks collect condensation and water can leak in during fills and through vents. Changes in temperature can create an environment for bacterial growth in the water that is in the bottom of the tanks. Also, natural oxidation and unavoidable fuel deterioration will lead to the formation of sludge, acids and tank corrosion. By assuring a tank is turned over (filtrated), and a little chemistry is added, fuel is stabilized and quality is maintained. This helps prevent and eliminate the breakdown of fuel which can clog filters, damage injection systems and cause engines to use more fuel and smoke.

cleaningUsing an STS-6000 automated fuel cleaning system will reduce down time and help fuel stay within its required specifications. It will also eliminate the need for periodic tank cleaning. By utilizing set time intervals, the STS-6000 system filters and cleans the fuel in the tank automatically through a series of filters, separators and conditioners.

The system utilizes a continuous duty motor coupled to a gear pump, primary filter/coalescer with vacuum sensor and gauge, an Algae-X fuel conditioner and depending on the size of the system, secondary filters that are designed to absorb water. The primary filter is designed to protect the pump while removing water and particulates. The secondary filter removes emulsified water and particulates down to 3 micron while the Algae-X fuel conditioner reverses the deterioration process.

With flow rates from 4 gpm to 30 gpm, these automated fuel filtration systems can be utilized on a myriad of different fuel tank applications. They only require 120 VAC for their power supply. Depending on the system required will also stipulate the piping sizes needed to provide supply and return to and from the tank.

The fully automated system has a Smart Filtration Controller which is programmable and can be set for specified times to perform the fuel cleaning. The system also has a built in UL-508A certified diagnostics, alarms and indicators for safe operation and remote monitoring. Indicators notify when filter elements require service, high pump vacuum is occurring or flow interruption has occurred. A drip tray and alarm is also used to monitor for leaks.

The system is packaged in a fully enclosed, lockable, weatherproof NEMA 3R cabinet. It is installed independently of the gen-set in a kidney loop style connection. The come in various physical sizes and weights. They are also seamlessly able to integrate into an existing Building Management Systems (BMS).

For further information and to determine the appropriate application, please use our contact form or call 888.890.9886.

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