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The Importance of Fuel Maintenance for Emergency Standby Generators

Fuel degradation is an inevitable, natural process. And unless an adequate fuel sampling, testing, monitoring and fuel maintenance program is implemented on your standby generator, fuel breakdown will continue to be a potentially expensive liability and a major contributor to your overall operating costs. Diesel fuel is a very complex fluid. It is not homogenous and no two […]

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Quickly & Safely Connect a Portable Generator using a Tap Box

When your business experiences frequent power outages, you really should have a permanent generator installed so your power can be restored within seconds and you don’t lose business. If you don’t have a permanent generator, an alternative would be to rent a temporary or portable generator in the middle of an outage; unfortunately this usually happens at a time […]

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Portable Generator Safety Tips

Before reading these tips, always read the Owner’s Manual and instructions for your portable emergency standby generator. Carefully follow all instructions and warnings in order to safely start and operate the generator. Do NOT cut corners when it comes to safety. These tips are merely supplemental and are not intended to substitute reading of the Owner’s […]

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Is Your Emergency Standby Generator Ready to Weather a Storm?

June 1st kicked off hurricane season, with the prediction by the NOAA being that at least nine storms will hit land, be sure you are prepared for these and any other natural disasters that come your way. Have the basic supplies (food, water, batteries) and make sure to have your emergency standby generator checked for proper operation. A good […]

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Generator Fuel Maintenance – The Forgotten Maintenance

Would like to share an article from The DataCenter Journal regarding generator fuel maintenance and how critical it is in regards to data center maintenance and reducing downtime – here is the article: For mission-critical data centers, downtime can be a tremendous expense, and even for less critical data centers and IT facilities, downtime can reduce productivity and sales […]

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Generator Reliability – Generac Generators

Third party studies have found the average standby generator system within the market has a reliability of around 99 percent. Generac Power Systems believes this level of generator reliability is unacceptable. It has been Generac’s mission to design standby generators that exceed the market norm for reliability. Generac has addressed the following key reliability issues through […]

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Generator Fuel Maintenance: Substandard Diesel Fuel Remediation

ASNE was recently performing routine generator preventive maintenance at a large data center in Andover, MA. During the visit, we took fuel samples from their two – 15,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks. These tanks hold diesel fuel for their five – 1Meg CAT standby generators that provide backup power to their critical data center. These […]

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