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Generator Fuel Maintenance: Substandard Diesel Fuel Remediation

andover-dc-fuel-samplesASNE was recently performing routine generator preventive maintenance at a large data center in Andover, MA. During the visit, we took fuel samples from their two – 15,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks. These tanks hold diesel fuel for their five – 1Meg CAT standby generators that provide backup power to their critical data center.

These diesel fuel samples were sent out to an independent lab for analysis, during the analysis the diesel fuel was found to be contaminated with andover-dc-fuel-cleaningwater (sample on left in picture) and did not meet ASTM standards for #2 diesel fuel. To correct the contamination, ASNE utilized an Algae-X MTC-1000 mobile fuel cleaning system along with treating the fuel with Algae-X AFC-705 fuel catalyst to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate the fuel (sample of cleaned fuel on right in picture) so it was back within ASTM standards.

The customer has since determined that a permanently installed automated diesel fuel filtration system was merited. ASNE partnered with Electronic Environments Corporation, a company that provides design, construction and maintenance services to critical facilities, to install an Algae-X STS-6000-10GPM-2T fuel filtration system that will eliminate and prevent microbial contamination; as well as remove water, sludge and other contaminants from tanks. This system will prevent otherwise unavoidable and costly periodic tank cleaning and replacement of out of spec fuel – and will also help to keep their standby generators up and running in case of a power loss in their data center.

Again, a good case for showing the diesel fuel testing and generator fuel polishing should be part of your routine generator maintenance program. To learn more, feel free to contact me at or by phone at 774.249.9262.

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