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Generac Gemini Systems Power Bard College

Bard College has a history of over 150-years as a competitive and innovative undergraduate institution. In 2013, more than 1,900 undergraduates study in Annandale and 600 graduate students study in Bard programs. Bard College is committed to forging connections between liberal education and democracy. The College offers academic programs in environmental policy and engages students in regional and national sustainability efforts. Bard College has historically celebrated diversity.

Standby Power Systems

ASNE provided a 2 megawatt standby power system with provisions to expand to 3 megawatts. The system consists of (2) 1 megawatt Generac Gemini units with room for a third.


Each Gemini consists of (2) 500kW engine generators, digitally paralleled to a common output bus.

The (2) generators are housed in a common sound attenuated weather protective enclosure, custom painted to match Bard’s requirements.

The engines share a common 1,578 gallon sub-base fuel tank to provide over 25 hours of runtime at 100% load.

Each Gemini also includes a factory wired load center to power battery chargers, heaters, and an integrated lighting system within the enclosure for ease of service.

Electrical Distribution

The Geminis feed a Generac 4500 Amp NEMA 3R outdoor rated common connection cabinet as a collection point. The connection box feeds an ASNE supplied 2500 kVA 480v to 13.3kV transformer to match utility voltage. The transformer feeds the emergency side of an ASNE provided 1200 Amp, 13.2kV, closed transition, service entrance rated automatic transfer switch equipped with protective relays.


The system provides Bard with 2 megawatts of backup power which can transfer from utility to generator with no power outage to connected load. Utilizing Generac’s Modular Power System (MPS) each generator is digitally paralleled, saving the cost and complexity of traditional paralleling gear.

The system increases reliability and reduces service cost. If one engine is shut down or requires maintenance, the other engines can still run, providing 1,500 kW of output power. In addition, ASNE provided (2) Algea-X STS-6000 fuel polishing systems to maintain the integrity of the diesel fuel, further increasing system reliability.

ASNE also provided an Omnimetrix G8600 monitoring system that monitors all key functions and outputs of the generators sending text, SMS, or email messages to key personnel in the event service is required to avoid costly shutdowns and failures.


(2) 1 megawatt Generac Gemini units design allows for third module.


30 Campus Road
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

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