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Ecommerce, Inc.

Scalability for a Growing Company

Since Ecommerce, Inc. ( was founded in late 1999, business has been running at full-throttle in the web hosting and e-commerce services markets, diligently promising to strengthen the company’s future growth and customer focus with new and innovative ideas.  Today, the company houses nearly half of one percent of the Internet, which is almost half a million websites!

Based in Columbus, Ohio, with a sound customer base of individuals and businesses from around the globe, Ecommerce continues to grow and strengthen every area of its business as it takes aim at one of the most dynamic industries in the world. It is determined to become the premier player in the web hosting and e-commerce industry, delivering consistently solid performance and exceptional growth.

A Stark Realization

In fall 2007, as Ecommerce was settling into its new facility in Columbus, Rick Gideon, vice president of operations, Ecommerce, surveyed his company’s operations. One disconcerting finding was that the newly constructed data center, which would soon be filled with many rows of industrial-grade servers in a climate-controlled environment, did not yet have a backup power solution.

Should there be a power outage, all of the servers could crash, interrupting service for all clients and jeopardize the company’s burgeoning success as a reliable service carrier. Ecommerce needed a scalable solution that could not only be done on a limited budget but could also be installed as quickly as possible.

Gideon began to investigate an affordable standby power solution. He had just about settled on a single 2 megawatt (MW) generator and transfer switch with no redundancy from Cummins with an installation that would have taken almost a year. It was during this time that Gideon was introduced to Generator Systems, Inc. (GSI) through each company’s mutual real estate agent.

“We happened to be moving to a bigger space at the same time that Ecommerce was moving into theirs and were using the same agent,” says Brian Kennedy, vice president, sales and marketing, GSI, Columbus, Ohio. “When we heard that they were going to go with a system with such a long installation period, we knew that with Generac Power Systems, we could offer them a better deal with room to grow, as they had anticipated expansion over the years, in addition to a quicker installation time and inherent redundancy.”

The Right System for Expansion

When field sales representative Brad Bivens and Kennedy presented Ecommerce with the Generac Modular Power System (MPS), they were met with resistance. Gideon was not convinced that the MPS would be able to provide them with constant standby power within their price range. Fortunately, GSI was able to provide a live demonstration using the Generac mobile demonstration system which made the MPS concept easy to view and understand.

Upon further discussion, GSI learned of the expansion goals for Ecommerce and the company’s need to protect a 10,000 1U server room at its facility. Bivens and Kennedy demonstrated to Gideon that rather than installing 2 MW gensets right away when that size was not yet needed, an N+1 (need +1) system from Generac would provide 100 percent redundancy using two 500 kilowatt (kW) diesel generators for a substantially less installed cost than the used 2 MW system that was previously under consideration. At the same time, the Generac MPS system allowed for Ecommerce to grow as planned and add more generators at a later date.  Additionally, the MPS system was sold with a comprehensive 5-year maintenance and service plan in order to guarantee maintenance costs for Ecommerce up front.

“We couldn’t be happier with the MPS system,” says Gideon. “GSI was able to install the system in weeks rather than months. The MPS system protects the most crucial space in our facility and with about a dozen outages in the last year and a half and the MPS system running smoothly each time, we are confident that we made the best choice. The Generac MPS system has proven to be the right choice for us and for our future.”

By choosing the Generac MPS, Ecommerce was able to save substantially on its investment, while implementing a more reliable standby power solution to not only meet current needs, but secure the scalability the company will need for future growth.


2 x 500 kW MPS Diesel with room for a total of 5 x 500 kW


Columbus, Ohio

We couldn’t be happier with the MPS system,” says Gideon. The system protects the most crucial space in our facility.

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