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Nova Biomedical

Generac’s MPS Delivers for Nova Biomedical

Nova is one of the 25 largest in vitro diagnostic companies in the world and the largest privately owned in vitro diagnostic company in the United States.

Nova Biomedical makes point-of-care testing strips for consumers and hospitals. One of the main products manufactured in Billerica is glucose test strips for testing of blood glucose in hospitals.

With over 1,000 employees, 7 major sales and service subsidiaries, plus distributors in over 90 other countries, Nova is contractually obligated to ensure a continuous source-of-supply to their hospital customers.

Generac generators support Nova’s primary manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts. Other production facilities include Waltham Massachusetts and Taipei, Taiwan.

Standby Power Systems

Nova Biomedical can not afford unplanned downtime or they jeopardize contracts with hospitals for on time delivery of materials.  ASNE provided Nova Biomedical with a 300kW standby power system to support continuous operations.  The system consists of (2) 150kW dual fuel engine generators, with capability of third unit if required in the future.

Utilizing Generac’s Modular Power System (MPS) technology, these two generators digitally parallel with each other to provide the customer with 300kW of back-up power.

Dual Fuel Engine Configuration

The dual fuel engine configuration allows the customer to run these units for extended periods of time on natural gas fuel available at the facility.

In the event that natural gas is not available, the units will automatically switch over to liquid propane stored on site, increasing the reliability of the system under extreme outage conditions.

Modular Power System (MPS)

The Generac MPS system consists of:

  • (2) dual fuel generator sets housed in Generac sound attenuated weather protective enclosures.
  • (1) 600 Amp Generac Automatic Transfer Switch.
  • (1) MPS system controller which monitors the transfer switch and each generator to provide controls for load shedding and permissive functions.
  • (1) remote annunciator to provide the owner with status of the system and alert for any alarm conditions.


This MPS system provides Nova Biomedical with:

Reliability and Redundancy If one generator were to fail, the system can shed non-critical loads while maintaining 150kW of output for critical loads. The dual fuel configuration also increases reliability with onsite fuel storage.


The MPS design can be installed in a variety of physical configurations.

Cost Savings

A single 300kW natural gas or dual fuel generator come at significantly higher initial capital, installation, and ownership costs.


In the event more back-up power is needed, additional generators can easily be added to the system.


(2) 150kW dual fuel engine generators


39 Manning Rd
Billerica, MA 01821

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