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Quickly & Safely Connect a Portable Generator using a Tap Box

closed-due-to-power-outage-virginiajpg-0914ab9b12ee80e8When your business experiences frequent power outages, you really should have a permanent generator installed so your power can be restored within seconds and you don’t lose business. If you don’t have a permanent generator, an alternative would be to rent a temporary or portable generator in the middle of an outage; unfortunately this usually happens at a time when things are hectic.

Some things you need to think about prior to ordering a temporary generator are:

  • What load size you will need
  • The length of cable to run from the load to the generator
  • Which critical loads within your building need to be restored
  • You will need to have an electrician connect the temporary power to the building’s electrical service. This can be costly and take a while to do and could also present hazards with cables running down hallways and through exterior doors.

tap-box-diagramHaving a solution to quickly and safely make a portable generator connection to your electrical distribution systems is important. With the installation of a transfer switch and a generator quick connect tap box, your facility can be up and running within 10 minutes of the arrival of the portable generator. This solution gives you the ability to manually transfer power between normal and standby power sources safely and quickly. Usually your own trained maintenance person or the technician delivering the generator will be able to make the connections and restore power – giving you the proper protection for your employees, your customers and your building.

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? A power backup plan is an essential cornerstone of any disaster recovery plan. It is important that even though your business may not have a permanent generator, it should have a contingency plan in place to resume operations despite the lack of electricity in order to save data, preserve perishable items and ensure security and communication capability.

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A good thing to note, if in the future you decide a permanent generator is required, a large portion of the material and installation expense is already completed as most likely the existing transfer switch will meet your needs.

If you own a portable generator or are thinking of buying a standby generator, you may also want to take a look at our article: “Standby Generator Maintenance – Be Prepared for Power Outages”. This article explains why preventive maintenance on any generator is important and gives you tips on what needs to be done.

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