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Targeted Marketing Campaign Drives Commercial Awareness and Demand

PowerConnect_1310_main_pfmbFor small and medium-sized enterprises, having standby power on site is a cost-effective form of business assurance that keeps them operating during power outages. It’s a wise investment that also provides a valuable competitive advantage over other stores and offices that shut down without electricity. That’s the key message of Generac’s current advertising and direct marketing campaign – “Power for My Business” – that is increasing awareness and driving a growing demand for commercial generators. This multi-faceted initiative is one of many targeted marketing programs Generac has launched in the wake of recent widespread outages to raise the awareness of business owners about standby power solutions and send them to their local dealer or electrical contractor to make a purchase.“Investing in backup power is an easy way to protect against blackouts, but most business owners are unaware of how affordable it can be,” says Laura Derpinghaus, senior marketing manager. “Compared to the potential loss caused by an extended outage, a standby generator could pay for itself during the first power interruption, yet provide another 20 years of business protection. There’s a back-up power solution for every need and budget – and that’s what we’re conveying to potential customers through a variety of media, including direct mail and the special web site we’ve created,”

The targeted marketing identifies potential customers by geographic location (focusing on areas where recent outages have occurred or power interruptions are more likely) or type of business (primarily gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets and offices). Direct mail brochures emphasize the potential loss of customers and revenue during an outage and explain the affordability of Generac pre-wired switches, mobile power products or automatic solutions. For business owners, the brochures pose two compelling questions: “During a power outage, who controls your destiny?” and “What’s the real cost of a power outage?”

“Our advertising is designed to create awareness and drive customers to the web site and our dealers,” Derpinghaus explains. “Once online, potential customers are invited to use the ‘What’s my power risk?’ calculator to enter their state and type of business, which shows them the potential cost of an outage and whether they are in a low, moderate or high risk area. The call to action is an invitation to receive a free, personalized power risk assessment, which they can respond to online or by calling our customer service center, which will provide the referral to a dealer nearby.”

The market for commercial power systems is vast and largely untapped, making it a lucrative opportunity for everyone in the supply chain for backup power. “When you consider how many businesses there are and how few have backup power, it’s easy to see the tremendous potential for new sales, especially with outages occurring so often,” Derpinghaus says. “We recognize that and are making a major investment to create awareness and drive demand, which is providing more  leads and greater sales opportunities. “We’re excited about the results we’ve seen so far.”


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