Why Choose Generac?


Generac_Industrial_Power_stackedGenerac provides more than just power. Since 1959, Generac has delivered the peace of mind and confidence that comes from a company whose only business is the power generation.

Because Generac adheres to a vertically integrated philosophy, customers can get a generator system designed, manufactured and supported by a single source. All parts of the production and testing process are controlled by Generac. The results? Shorter lead times and high quality standards. With alternators, enclosures, control systems, fuel tanks, communications software and engines all engineered to do one thing: provide power that a facility needs to achieve its mission. This approach ensures generator systems meet the highest reliability and performance standards.

The Generac commitment to vertical integration means that they source, design and build engines to overcome the challenges of applying off-the-shelf technology to generators. Because Generac controls the supply chain, you get the best for your power, performance and durability requirements. Generac operates its own test and R&D facility. Before a design goes into production, it undergoes prototype testing to evaluate every aspect of performance. This ensures each engine and genset conforms to every major industry standard. Each of the engines used in a Generac generator meets required EPA emissions standards. In addition to emissions, sound and endurance, a comprehensive set of highly specialized tests including torsional analysis, transient response, maximum motor starting and structural soundness is performed.

Power generation is Generac’s sole focus, with the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. At Generac, they protect the things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions. Generac’s continued success comes from their dedication to growth and their core philosophy of ensuring their customers’ peace of mind by delivering a superior product and ownership experience. For additional information about Generac, visit their site at www.generac.com.

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