Generac Industrial Diesel Power Generators

Diesel Power Generators for Demanding Industrial Applications

For industry, power failure is not an option. Generac industrial diesel gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application. Heavy duty engines have proven their performance and reliability in industrial applications.

  • Major components are designed and manufactured by Generac in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliability standards.
  • Easily serviced.
  • 24/7 emergency response, warranty service and scheduled preventive maintenance programs.
  • Readily available replacement parts and maintenance items.

What size gensets are available and what are my fuel options?

Diesel models range from 10 kW to 600 kW.

Gaseous models range from 18 kW to 300 kW.

A Bi-Fuel option is available on selected models.

Can Generac gensets be integrated with my building management system

The PowerManager® G-100 features integrated PLC functions and numerous I/Os that make it easy to customize controls and link directly with facilities management systems. Two Modbus RS 485 ports accommodate controller-to-annunciator or building management system communications.

Can I monitor the system’s performance from a remote location?

An optional Ethernet modem with an RS232 port provides remote computer interface using our GenLink® software. Connected PCs display continuously updated information about the generator’s operating condition. Input values and operational parameters can be easily viewed using point-and-click menus and status screens. Valuable information such as generator usage data, alarm history and predictive maintenance reminders are easily accessible.

If an alarm occurs, it is immediately displayed on connected remote computers, and the PowerManager control panel can be programmed to immediately send out a call to both the user’s and your Generac dealer’s pagers or cell phones. The dealer can use GenLink to remotely diagnose the problem, modify parameters to minimize the impact and immediately dispatch a service truck with the necessary parts to quickly correct the situation.

How many automatic transfer switches can be used in a single system?

There is no limit on the number of open transition, closed transition or bypass isolation switches that can be used within a system. Only one soft load switch can be used.

Can the PowerManager G-100 controller interface with third party transfer switches?

Yes, provided that the switches have a two-wire start, and can be inhibited by the controller from switching to the emergency position until adequate generator power has come onto the generator bus.

If I purchase a single standby generator, can I add units later and convert to a Modular Power System?

No. The G-100 controller will not interface with the control system for a Modular Power System. If you think you might need to expand capacity in the future, you should purchase a single MPS genset with the PowerManager G-200 controller.

Power Rating Model Engine
10 kW SD010 2.4DT Generac
15 kW SD015 2.4DT Generac
20 kW SD020 2.4DT Generac
25 kW SD025 2.4DT Generac
30 kW SD030 2.4DT Generac
35 kW SD035 3.4DTA Generac
40 kW SD040 3.4DTA Generac
50 kW SD050 3.4DTA Generac
60 kW SD060 4.5DT FPT
80 kW SD080 4.5DTA FPT
100 kW SD100 6.7DTA FPT
130 kW SD130 6.7DTA FPT
150 kW SD150 6.7DTA  FPT
175 kW SD175 6.7DTA  FPT
200 kW SD200 8.7DTA FPT
230 kW SD230 8.7DTA FPT
250 kW SD250 8.7DTA FPT
275 kW SD275 10.3DTA FPT
300 kW SD300 10.3DTA FPT
350 kW SD350 12.9DTA FPT
400 kW SD400 12.5DTA Perkins
500 kW SD500 15.2DTA Perkins
600 kW SD600 18.1DTA Perkins

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