Generator Fuel Cleaning & Polishing

Prevent Costly Emergencies – Fuel Maintenance is the Key to Emergency Power Reliability

ASNE recommends diesel fuel testing and generator fuel cleaning as part of your regular preventive maintenance program.

Dirty fuel, clogged filters and sludge in emergency generator fuel tanks are all primary reasons for engine down-time and power loss. Not only is power loss an inconvenience, in the corporate environment, it can result in lost product and productivity and even worse–it opens you up to great financial loss.

It is the condition of the fuel in your tanks that determines engine performance and emergency power reliability. Your standby power generator’s diesel engine requires optimal fuel quality for peak performance and reliability. Fuel, however, is inherently unstable and fuel breakdown is unavoidable and accelerated by heat, storage, pressure, condensation and bacterial contamination.

Fuel degradation is an inevitable, natural process. And unless an adequate fuel sampling, testing, monitoring and generator fuel cleaning program is implemented, fuel breakdown will continue to be a potentially expensive liability and a major contributor to your overall operating costs.

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Dirty Fuel?

  • Are you changing your filters prior to 500 hours? Do you have excess exhaust smoke? Is your fuel stored for more than 90 days? Then it’s time to have your diesel fuel professionally cleaned.
  • Can you afford to gamble with your emergency generator engines reliability? Clean fuel is necessary for optimum engine performance. Giving your engine the best fuel possible will increase reliability and safety.
  • Would you like to reduce overall operating costs of your diesel engine? An engine that burns clean fuel will have fewer injector failures, less filter maintenance and smoke less. By reducing the overall maintenance and extending the engine’s life, you will reduce both short & long term expenses.

Symptoms in the Tank

  • Dark colored fuel
  • Slimy mass in tanks or filters
  • Water in fuel
  • Sediments
  • Unusual odor
  • Fuel system fouling
  • Unexplained contamination

Engine Symptoms

  • Dark exhaust
  • Corroded injectors
  • Clogged fuel line
  • Clogged filters

To learn more about emergency generator fuel cleaning and polishing, fill out our contact form, email us at or call 888.890.9886 and one of our fuel experts will be happy to explain the benefits of diesel fuel cleaning and polishing.

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