Infrared Thermography

Predictive Maintenance on Your Critical Support Infrastructure

Critical electrical components that should be inspected:

  • Generator – Control panel & breakers
  • Manual transfer switches
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Power distribution units
  • Distribution panels
  • Mechanical systems

It is highly recommended that an Infrared Thermography (thermal imaging) inspection be performed annually on your electrical equipment, switchgear, ATS (automatic transfer switches), control panels and breakers in order to detect any irregularities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Detecting these irregularities in your critical support infrastructure in their early stages ensures prompt corrective action before costly system failures can occur.

With predictive maintenance comes early detection allowing you to prevent equipment failure and unplanned shutdowns that can be damaging to your company.

Benefits of Infrared Thermography

  • Identify & correct hidden problems before they become unplanned outages
  • Reduce risk of undetected degradation of components due to overloaded circuits or loose connections
  • Cost savings obtained by preventing equipment failures and down time
  • Help identify mechanical issues such as hot spots or blockages
  • Inspection and analysis by highly trained and certified professionals

Your critical infrastructure requires 100% uptime. To achieve this, it is essential that thermal imaging be performed on all electrical and mechanical systems in conjunction with other best practice maintenance programs.

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