Standby Generator Fuel Testing

ASNE recommends generator fuel testing and sampling to be part of your preventive maintenance program.

All of our fuel analyses are performed by an ISO certified laboratory, ASNE has partnered with The Oil Lab for this service. Our standard fuel analysis contains seven different tests. Of particular concern to fuel contamination is water. For this reason, we conduct two separate water content tests:

  • Water by Karl Fischer Method – This method detects free water, dissolved water and emulsified water in the fuel.
  • Water and Sediment – This method is used to measure the amount of free water and particles that can be removed from the fuel by centrifuging.

The reason that we conduct two water separate water tests is that the water content in fuel will promote microbial growth in the fuel tank.

We also conduct a microbial contamination test. Micro-organisms breakdown or degrade fuel and cause corrosion of metals – especially iron and steel. They also plug fuel filters, cause fuel gauge malfunctions and feed on tank linings, fuel lines and coatings. Micro-organisms have the potential to damage fuel pumps and injectors. Fuel tests for microbial contamination take 3-4 days for test results to come back due to the fact that the microbes need time to germinate.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 110 states that a fuel quality test shall be performed annually utilizing approved ASTM standards.

Some common problems are:

  • Stored diesel fuel will deteriorate over time
  • Sludge and water will accumulate on the bottom of the tank, and rust can form on the sides
  • Bacteria and fungus will grow in the fuel itself

We can tailor our fuel testing program to meet your needs should your facility require additional testing to our standard tests. To learn more about emergency generator fuel testing, cleaning and polishing, fill out our contact form, email us at or call 888.890.9886.

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